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Theatre and muscial creations 'in situ'

Welcome to La Septima!


La Septima is a company with a troupe spirit, which mixes theater, music, object construction and movement arts. Our shows are tailor-made for the places where they are performed. We work in situ, in touch with the chosen space and in connection with the people who live there or pass through it. We draw our inspiration from history, stories, landscapes, architecture, characters. Curious observation, encounters, and a long-term presence are the keys to our energy. We defend a performance art in the present of the present, poor and rich in sharing, intense in humanity. 

Last year's parades...

images of TONNERRE S'ECLAIRE 2021 taken by BRICE GODARD 


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A glimpse at our
upcoming projects...
Home-made lanterns
inspired by the community, its built environment and its heritage 
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A unique piece of street theatre
for and about the city
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Lantern making workshops which engage the community 
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An event for everyone - big or small!
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At the heart of it all, a magical
parade of light, street theatre,
circus and music!
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"I am full of admiration for La Septima. Their parade brought together the young and the old, encouraging them to enter the autumn evening, fragrant wet leaves underfoot, walking into
the night, all together... "
~ a local resident
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