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Light Up Eye Village 

with Peterborough Presents 

For many Peterborians of the recent past, Christmas started when George and Christine Drake’s family on Thorney Road, Eye switched on their wonderful house and garden lights drawing in families from all over the area and raising many thousands of pounds for local charities. They first set up their impressive display in 1986 and looked to add an additional festive centre-piece every year before calling it a day in the early 2000s.


Locals claim that visitors still visit the house every year in the hope that the display might have made a return...

Eye Lantern Parade brought the local community together to celebrate the village, people and winter traditions of the area. Over 1000 local residents and groups came together to watch or parade through the village with beautiful handmade lanterns. Lots of groups from across the village have been involved in making paper lanterns or creating performances.


Groups include: Eye Women’s Institute, Eye Primary School, Eye Youth Group, Eye Rainbows, Brownies and Guides, residents at The Spinney, Froglife, EAPS, Bright Lights and lots of residents in public workshops. Together we have made about 150 hand-held paper lanterns from willow and tissue paper. On the night, there were performances by local groups alongside La Septima who are leading the procession. The parade featured musicians like Bright Lights Theatre Company, Pig Dyke Molly dancers and EAPS.





November 12th 2022


in so many different shapes and sizes!

We are so inspired by the Eye community, and hope to support this to be a healthy ritual for future years to come!

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