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Light Up Eye Village 

with Peterborough Presents 

For many Peterborians of the recent past, Christmas started when George and Christine Drake’s family on Thorney Road, Eye switched on their wonderful house and garden lights drawing in families from all over the area and raising many thousands of pounds for local charities. They first set up their impressive display in 1986 and looked to add an additional festive centre-piece every year before calling it a day in the early 2000s.


Locals claim that visitors still visit the house every year in the hope that the display might have made a return...

This autumn, La Septima in association with Peterborough Presents, will bring a bespoke lantern parade to Eye Village. This will consist of a series of hands-on lantern making workshops which will culminate in a spectacular parade of light, street theatre, circus and music. All of this will be inspired by the village of Eye and created in residence. LIGHTS UP EYE VILLAGE will commemorate and celebrate the Drake Family's light display with a spectacular lantern parade! The lights which once lit up Thorney Road will now parade through the streets of Eye!


11th + 12th June 2022



November 12th 2022

Summer 2022

and the week leading up to the parade

Eye Village will not only act as our source of inspiration but also as our playground. We will explore its nooks and crannies, its unique features and its idiosyncrasies. We will carefully plan a route for the parade which will allow for major sites in the village to act as natural amphitheatres. The village itself will act as our theatrical companion, we will explore its churches, hide behind its walls and perform within its natural spaces.

Creating a new sense of pride, weaving in creative talent from the community, also giving people in and out of the village a project that will support wellbeing at one of the darkest times of the year.

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